Children have this wonderful, endless potential…
 …they also have this knack of living up to people’s beliefs about them.
It’s not until we grow up and have the benefit of analysing our own behaviours, skills and experiences that we often realise some of our “truths” are just things people believed about us and not based on anything other than opinion. As an adult with immense life experiene this can be extremely tricky to undo and begin to live our own authentic truth – so you can imagine that for a child, this is almost impossible. They lack the developemental maturity or insight to know and understand the ‘where, why, how’ biology of their actions. 
It is therefore up to us – the loving, caring adults that are responsible for the healthy developemnt of these wonderful children – to ensure they feel validated and celebrated for exactly who they are and what they genuinely love. Of course this could change daily for some children and that’s perfectly natural. it’s just about riding that wave with them as they learn and explore and become who they want to be without pushing our own agenda – or worse, our negative opinions and judgements onto them. 
The lovely Rhiannon from kangatraining Kids – Illawarra provides children from 18 months – 5 years an amazing opportunity to explore and learn in a judgement free, adventurous and enriching environment where children are encouraged to show off their individuality and imagination. 
From my own experience, and I preface this by saying that I had an amazing childhood full of love and encouragement,  one example that stands out to me is that my older brother was AMAZING at sport – he excelled in the area and that’s fabulous. He was of course told constantly how great he was at sport and this helped him become even better, it fostered his confidence  and love for something he was naturally great at, which went on to foster his confidence and achievement in other areas- including his performance at school. 
I absolutely did not share this same physical aptitude, and this was made very clear to me from the adults around me. Now, I don’t think we need to patronize children and make them think they’re wonderful at everything – however it very quickly became apart of my identity that I was “uncoordinated”, had no “hand-eye coordination” and was just generally terrible at sports. It was a running joke in the family and I internalised this, I never wanted to try anything sporty or physical because I was terrified that I’d be terrible at it. More than that – I knew, I truly believed, that I would be terrible at it. This is a part of my psyche that is still very much alive today despite having the insight that I do. 
Flourish Aus. provide beautifully designed educational products for  kids to help encourage connection, self love & emotional intelligence.
Now I know, my natural aptitude is book smarts, reading, handwriting, story telling, comprehension, critical analysis… and not sport – and that’s ok but when we’re talking about children internalising our beliefs I think it’s important to really consider the impact of the dialogue we’re providing them. Perhaps instead of “oh Ashlei, you’re so uncordinated”, “you’ve got two left feet” etc., a healthier approach to the topic may have been  “I love that you keep trying, you are very resilient”, “I love that you’re having so much fun playing cricket with your brother”. With these changes, the internalsiation may have become “I am strong”, “I am resilient” and “I can have fun without being great at something”.  These ways of thinking are genius’ in themselves – encouraging children’s emotion IQ and positive self-talk is one of the greatest things we can gift them. 
The experts over at Emotionology are passionate about creating tools to support children’s emotional growth to create overall wellness.
There is also a wonderful collection of books by Wildling Books that encourage children to explore their own emotions and begin to develop a healthy emotional intelligence. 
Again, these are innocent examples from the tales of a very happy childhood. Of course, sometimes it’s not this innocent unfortunately and children are internalizing beliefs and opinions about themselves that are far more dangerous than being a bit average at sport. This is why we really need to advocate for the rights of children to have loving, caring and encouraging adults in their life that help them flourish in the ways that are meaningful to them. 

Living up to people’s beliefs about them can be amazing when children have caring adults that encourage their strengths and show them validation. When children are encouraged and supported in their pursuits, they have a wonderful opportunity to grow into their greatness – the greatness that is inside every child in so many different ways.
Unfortunately with this innocent, wonder filled capacity – comes the potential for children to grow into exactly what people believe of them, and sometimes this isn’t so positive. If children are constantly being told they’re terrible at something or it’s their faults at the centre of focus as opposed to their strengths, this could be what they inevitably grow into.
A fabulous resource that encourages meaningful conversations between children and parents/carers are available from Social Seeds. This fabulous business focuses on planting and nurturing awareness of self and others, understanding, confidence, active listening skills, bullying and self-worth!
I think that as parents. caers, educators and other importsnt adults in children’s lives – it’s  most important to first be aware of the impact of our words, our beliefs, our actions and how these can shape a child’s identity and self-talk. We won’t ever get it totally perfect but an awareness means we can be working hard to encuorage and celebrate what it is that makes our children unique and minimising the negative impact of “harmless” jugements, jokes, opinions and behaviours. 
With this awareness we can remember to believe in them, believe in their greatness – even (and especially) on the days they’re not behaving so great and even more so on the days they’re not able to see their own greatness.
Build them up so it’s as natural as breathing that they grow into their own beautiful success story – what ever that may look like for them.
At Triangle Genius, we are lucky enough to have a wide variety of truly spectacular businesses that encourage every child’s kind of genius and celebrate each individual. We have resources for kids that love art, craft, reading, writing, dancing, meditation, drama, creating, building, playing, sensory exploration and more…
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