“Every child needs at least one adult who is irrationally crazy about them” – Uri Bronfenbrenner

A thousand percent.. this! The more the better too…
I believe that people these days can tend to get caught up in this idea that we’re pandering to children, that we’re “too worried” about their self esteem and confidence, that we’re simply giving them too much by giving them our unconditional love. 
This kind of thinking is pushed on parents from very early on, when their tiny newborn babies that need them so deeply are crying at night and parents are told things like “you’re making a rod for your own back by picking them up all the time” and other responses that are so common they seem normal, they become apart of our social expectations and we believe them because they’re so engrained. 
What would happen instead if we encouraged parents to trust their instincts from the beginning and allow them to meet their child’s developmental needs of love and connection?
It has unfortunately been a pretty standard practice throughout history to withdraw love in response to undesired behaviours… and because of these mindsets – I have noticed that many parents, carers and educators are often judged harshly when they hold space for children to express their emotions no matter what this might look like, or when we encourage children to be unapologetically themselves.
This is why gems such as Social Seeds and many others on Triangle Genius are so imperative in regard to fostering connection, togetherness and celebration of individuality. 
Children need adults – parents, carers, extended family, teachers, educators … trusted adults – to be irrationally crazy about them, to develop genuine connections with children, to meet them where they’re at, to smile when they see them, to really listen, to hug them and to allow them the space to be so unapologetically themselves.
We need to be crazy about them so they learn to be crazy about themselves , to maintain that spark for what ever it is that lights up their soul, to learn that they are valued and loved for exactly who they are and what they’re great at.
It’s then that this type of unconditional love, acceptance, inclusion and celebration will be passed on through generations – creating a ripple of enchanting ceremony that is enough to reform the education experience, and allow childhood to be a time to discover your Triangle Genius and revel in the diversity being celebrated.
Check out our featured businesses that are already encouraging these positive mindsets and focusing on the wellbeing of our young people such as Flourish Aus and many others that focus on individual children’s strengths (art, dance, drama, writing, play and many more)…
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