When I come across a company that incorporates mindfulness for children, small world play and sensory play – as a mum and a teacher – my heart explodes with joy!!

My Calm Corner

My Calm Corner is a small business dedicated to providing products and tools to help children build connections, develop skills and most importantly have fun, through meaningful and open-ended play that fosters creativity and imagination.

My Calm Corner was founded and created by mums Jasmin and Alexandra. Not only are they two mums with young children, but they also have a background in education and child development through their careers as an Early Childhood Educator and a Social Worker. Through their professions and now with their own little ones, they have a deep passion for products that allow children to play and explore whilst building important skills such as sensory processing, emotion regulation and cognitive development.

Their goal is to create products and tools that encourage engaging, mindful and super fun experiences for all ages. The DIY products allow children to explore every stage of the experience, from the process of making to the fun of playing!

These products were thoughtfully created to help children and adults build connections and memories. By encouraging children to be a part of the whole process, we are fostering their confidence, autonomy and independence.  DIY products mean that your little ones can take ownership of their play, leaving them in charge of their own fun.

Calming Kits

These kits are all about connection, fun and encouraging mindfulness as a part of daily routines.

Playdough Collection

My Calm Corner Playdough is a fun open-ended product that provides an engaging, mindful and sensory experience for all ages. Jasmin and Alexandra are passionate about including children in the whole experience, this is why their Playdough comes as a DIY mix with easy instructions. From making your Playdough, to being able to play with it, they want your little ones to find excitement in the entire process!

Rice Collection

My Calm Corner Sensory Rice is a open-ended product that provides an engaging, mindful and sensory experience for all ages.  Sensory Rice is a helpful grounding tool for regulation, whilst also encouraging imaginative and exploratory play. Being an open-ended product, Sensory Rice provides infinite ways to play. From scooping and transferring to mixing and inventing, Sensory Rice can be used in so many fun ways.


Emotion Story Stones

My Calm Corner Emotion Story Stones are a tactile and visual tool to help your little ones recognise and communicate their feelings. They allow children to share and learn about emotions in a safe and comfortable way. Being an interactive and open-ended element, our Emotion Story Stones encourage children to identify emotions verbally and non-verbally.

Our Calm Corner Fun

My little learners recently discovered this magic when their Rara (grandma) purchased them some My Calm Corner sensory rice and calming kits. Oh their little faces when they opened up the boxes – absolutely priceless!!!

We first created the calming jars, which they were so excited about. They took control of the experience by filling their jars with water and deciding which glitter glue to use to create their own unique jar.

They decided they would also place glitter and pom-poms into their creations. We talked about how there would be less movement in the jar with more glitter glue – which was a great spontaneous mini science lesson. Mr 4 decided he would put all the glitter glue and all the glitter in (of course he did!), Miss 7 was a little more reserved and put half the glue, and of course – ALL the glitter (always all the glitter!!!).

They then checked each other’s out to see the difference. They have been using these calming jars to self-regulate since they created them. Miss 7 has said a few times, “I’m feeling a bit cranky, I’m going to get my jar” as she takes herself off to her cuddle swing and watches the magical glitter float around to calm her right down. Mr 4 just loves to use it in any context – for calming, for fun, to show everyone that he sees!

The fun they had creating their small world with their sensory rice was just perfection. Miss 7 had rainbow rice and Mr 4 had sunset rice – the first thing they noticed was the surprising (and remarkable) smell!! They both took a big breath with their eyes closed and breathed out in awe… “It smells soooo good”.

They then placed all of their little bits and pieces from the calming kit into their individual boxes, chatting about it as they went and feeling each item as they placed it in. They then decided they wanted letters and characters in their boxes, and we used tweezers to “find the treasure” – doubling as an amazing fine motor development activity. They have gone back to these boxes every day since and added in new characters for different play experiences.

Small World Play

Padraic Cuddy discusses small world play in “The Importance of Small World Play for Toddlers!

Small world play allows children to act out different scenes in a miniature play environment. These are often based around a certain theme depending on the child’s interests such as farming, construction area, a favourite t.v. character such as Bluey, a fairy garden, a dinosaur world and so much more.

No two small worlds will ever be the same. Every time a child engages in small world play it will be a different encounter, one which will change as they grow and develop! 

Small world play provides kids with an opportunity to investigate new materials, act out scenarios from real life, develop language, practice social skills, and gain an understanding of the world.

This play also assists with Emotional Development, Developing Personal and Social Skills, Reasoning, Problem-Solving, and Numeracy, Understanding the World and fostering Confidence.

Sensory Play

ABC Kids Listen discuss sensory play in “What is sensory play and why does it matter for childhood development?”

They explain that sensory play is any activity that stimulates a child’s 5 senses; touch, taste, sight, sound and smell.  It should simply foster the imaginative exploration of the senses as a child plays. Through sensory play children gain a deeper understanding of the world around them.

The many benefits of Sensory Play include:

  1. Cognitive growth
  2. Development of fine and gross motor skills
  3. Calms anxious or frustrated children
  4. Teaches children sensory attributes – for instance, wet/dry, dark/light, rough/smooth
  5. Enhances memory

Sensory Play also assists with early learning in accordance with the The Early Years Learning Framework:

4.1 Develop dispositions for learning such as curiosity, cooperation, confidence, creativity, commitment, enthusiasm, persistence, imagination and reflexivity. 

4.2 Develop a range of skills and processes such as problem solving, inquiry, experimentation, hypothesizing, researching and investigating

4.3 Transfer and adapt what they learned from one context to another

Also – it’s insanely FUN!!!! Check out these smiles

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