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Opening in term 3 in Berry and Nowra
Painting with nature
Small world play
Find joy through play
Opening in term 3 in Berry and NowraPainting with natureSmall world playFind joy through play
79 Victoria Street, Berry New South Wales 2535, Australia, New South Wales, Australia
29 Berry Street, Nowra New South Wales 2541, Australia, New South Wales, Australia
We, like many parents were surprised to see studies (Kim, 2016; Robinson, 2015, 2009; Shulman 2020; Chary 2019; Zonta 2014) which prove that creativity is eroded when children enter formal schooling. Our classes nurture creative development, so children can flourish.
At Tiny Seeds we believe what we put into our children’s minds comes out in their lives. Seeds planted give rise to actions, habits and character. If we plant seeds of creativity they learn to become curious, innovative, flexible, resilient, confident and courageous people.

Creative play classes

Children explore, imagine and discover through creative, sensory and messy play, storytelling, music, physical activities, arts and crafts, all of which is covered during our classes over the term.

Tiny Seeds nurture children’s development of a playful attitude, imagination, divergent thinking, problem solving and communication skills, through our carefully designed classes.

Our classes are held on the beautiful South Coast of NSW. Mondays:  Berry Thursdays: Nowra

Our philosophy

Our aim is to nurture and empower children to believe in and embrace their creativity, and to support carers (parents) in helping their children thrive through creativity.

Creativity is one of the top three skills needed for jobs of the future, yet our current school system does not prominently feature creativity, a major concern for parents. Our classes nurture creative development for lifelong growth.

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