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There is a little WILDLING in all of us.

That inner child that loved to run wild and free, without the judgement of the world bearing down on them. That authentic, passionate, mindful creator in all of us. We had that spark when we were young and want to bring that back through the work we do here. It’s about remembering that WILDLING with us and allowing space to create what fills us with passion. Allowing our inner WILDLING room to come alive again.

Aroha’s Way is a bestselling picture book for children around uncomfortable emotions; fear, apprehension, worrying thoughts and nervousness with ways to manage them.

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About the book:

Come along on a journey with Aroha, as she wards off nervousness, fear, worrying thoughts and apprehension, with simple, yet effective tools that everyone can use.

From award-winning New Zealand author and illustrator, Craig Phillips, creator of
The Adventures of Jack Scratch and Giants, Trolls, Witches, Beasts (winner of the Russell Clark Award for Illustration at the New Zealand Book Awards 2018).

“Aroha’s Way is a beautiful, descriptive and relatable book – an important book – helping children to normalise, understand and even develop their own tools for dealing with their feelings.” – Jenny Palmer, Author of Feel a Little.

This beautiful picture books takes children on a journey through emotions associated with anxiety and shows simple yet effective ways to help manage them.  Aroha shows children a tool that she uses for each emotion which includes; movement or exercise, belly breathing or diaphragmatic breathing, mindfulness and connecting with others and sharing our worries.

At the back of the book, there is a section for parents and/or teachers to explore the tools in more depth.  This section expands on the beautiful poem and opens up conversations with our children.  Asking questions around those emotions to make it easier for children to recognise the emotion, and then a simple way to manage it.

At Wildling Books we believe these tools will be invaluable for children and can be used for a lifetime.

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