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…but if you knew your kids’ temperaments
you wouldn’t need a manual

Imagine knowing and understanding your child’s strengths, weaknesses, needs and fears.

And then how to adjust your parenting to give them the best possible start in life.

Imagine working with a practical parenting plan to raise your cubs and joeys into content, mature and responsible adults
all while keeping your marbles in the process.

Understand your children’s different temperaments and how to communicate effectively with them to create more harmony, peace and joy in the home while preparing them for adulthood…

Whatever stage you are in your parenting journey, I can help you to understand why your child:

  • is so sensitive
  • always wants to be in control
  • easily worries over the littlest thing
  • is easily frustrated and angry
  • is a fussy eater
  • talks non-stop
  • cry to avoid doing what you asked them
  • is slow to do homework.

 I’m Riki Deale…

Chief Zookeeper
Child Temperament Whisperer

I train other zookeepers, AKA parents, to understand what type of zoo animals they have in their homes, according to the different temperaments.

Who am I?

I love animals. I even have a zoology degree to prove it.

I was ready to save each and every species from extinction single-handedly.

… and then I had a baby.

My whole world changed forever. I found something I love even more than animals:  being a mum.


Riki is a registered Temperament Profiler with DISC Profiler Australia, but it is the 12 years of parenting, research, experience and counselling that really makes her a wealth of knowledge on temperaments in families.

Riki is a dynamic and engaging speaker and trainer, focusing her workshops and talks on the different temperaments to help parents understand, enjoy and raise their children to become strong and confident members of society.

So, that degree in Zoology still comes in handy, as she can definitely help you tame your zoo too!

Do you need a practical plan?
Tools that can be implemented immediately?
Clear instructions on how to communicate with your child?

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