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My Calm Corner is a small business dedicated to providing products and tools to help children build connections, develop skills and most importantly have fun, through meaningful and open-ended play that fosters creativity and imagination.

My Calm Corner was founded and created by mums Jasmin and Alexandra. Not only are we two mums with young children, but we also have a background in education and child development through our careers as an Early Childhood Educator and a Social Worker. Through our professions and now with our own little ones, we have a deep passion for products that allow children to play and explore whilst building important skills such as sensory processing, emotion regulation and cognitive development.

Our goal is to create products and tools that encourage engaging, mindful and super fun experiences for all ages. We love that our DIY products allow children to explore every stage of the experience, from the process of making to the fun of playing! Our products were thoughtfully created to help children and adults build connections and memories. By encouraging children to be a part of the whole process, we are fostering their confidence, autonomy and independence. Our DIY products mean that your little ones can take ownership of their play, leaving them in charge of their own fun.

Calming Kits

Our kits are all about connection, fun and encouraging mindfulness as a part of daily routines.

Playdough Collection

My Calm Corner Playdough is a fun open-ended product that provides an engaging, mindful and sensory experience for all ages. We are passionate about including children in the whole experience, this is why our Playdough comes as a DIY mix with easy instructions. From making your Playdough, to being able to play with it, we want your little ones to find excitement in the entire process!

Rice Collection

My Calm Corner Sensory Rice is a open-ended product that provides an engaging, mindful and sensory experience for all ages. Our Sensory Rice is a helpful grounding tool for regulation, whilst also encouraging imaginative and exploratory play. Being an open-ended product, Sensory Rice provides infinite ways to play. From scooping and transferring to mixing and inventing, Sensory Rice can be used in so many fun ways.

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