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Turn minutes into precious moments

It’s all about quality time exploring and completing fun, interactive activities together. The exciting kits are thematically planned with ALL craft materials, tools and activity guides included for your convenience and delivered at your door!

Unlock your child’s creative side with our craft kits

Art is a great way to keep your children occupied, but it is also enormously beneficial for their development as well. There are many known benefits that come directly from engaging in these kinds of experimental activities, with creative children known to have better fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. In some cases, they’re typically better at expressing themselves and being social, while these endeavours also enhance their self-esteem and decision-making skills – not to mention their ability to apply problem-solving and innovative thinking.


You can encourage your child to dive into the wonderful world of arts with our kid’s activity packs, delivered right across Australia. These craft kits are suitable for toddlers from as early as 18 months of age. Our entire range which has been curated with young children up to six years old in mind. Give them the perfect start to their early education while also engaging them in craft activities that are fun for the whole family to be involved in.

Tip: It is important to properly plan your sessions, as children can lose interest very quickly (as we all well know). By having everything prepared in advance with all of the materials and a finished goal ready, you can better engage your little one and work with them on creating their own wonderful projects.

Children’s craft activities ready to go

Our range of art subscription boxes across Australia include options from the smallest children up to little Prep students. Each of these choices is backed by various levels, tailored towards their stage of development.

We have a range of seasonal projects available, perfect for children to help decorate the house for events like Halloween. Enjoy plenty of themes that kids love – like dinosaurs, pets and our popular Australian Animals range of art and craft kits. Our range also extends out to Christmas sets, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day Kits.

Hand In Hand also stocks toddler art activities that are designed for siblings, so you can get your young children working together in harmony – perfect for weekends and school holidays.

For the ultimate in family fun time that will aid your children’s development and social skills, check out our range of ready-to-assemble craft boxes for boys and girls Australia-wide.

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