Triangle genius was born from a wholehearted love for education and an unfortunate dissatisfaction with the education system.

I’m Ash, a mum of 3 and a teacher from the South Coast of NSW. I have a Masters Degree in special education, however I was a teacher long before I ever earned a degree. I remember lining my dollies up, marking the roll and running a classroom from my grandma’s back room. Education was always a part of me and always will be, however since becoming a mum especially, this passion has evolved. Throughout my decade of teaching preschool-year 12 in many environments with many children, I have experienced a repeated disenchantment with a system that I always felt so connected with.

I have witnessed a one-size fits all mentality and have been disheartened to witness only certain talents, achievements and interests incite celebration. We as parents know that each one of our children have this enormous bright flair within them, their inner genius, their ‘triangle genius’ – it may not be a kind of genius that fits into any square box and that’s the beauty of it. As parents we savor these gifts and watch the pure glee of our children reveling in the activities that bring them joy, and we rejoice in their achievements in these areas.

Everybody is a genius, but If you judge a fish by Its ability to climb a Tree, it will live it’s whole life believing that it is stupid
Albert Einstein

Triangle Genius is a space to celebrate the genius in every child, it’s a place to find information, activities, services and products that allow us to celebrate these triangle geniuses and provide our kids with opportunities to shine while building their confidence. Maybe they love to explore science and how the world works, maybe they are budding chefs or artists, maybe they have an overwhelming love for reading or theatre , maybe you have a little nature whiz, a lover of all things bugs– what ever their zone of genius, this is the place to find what you need to help them shine.

I live in a smaller, regional area in NSW and am aware that it can be difficult to find information and activities within these regions. Triangle genius includes quality resources and experiences for people living in regional communities to reap the benefits of prominent businesses that aim to celebrate your unique and marvellous triangle genius.

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