Have a little genius at home? We all think our kids are pretty exceptional right!? While sometimes we might let our raging bias get the better of us…. (Ahh yep! Guilty!!), we can be sure of the fact that each of our little loves have their own unique inner genius bursting to shine.

We also know that nurturing this inner genius and building their confidence can lead to achievement in other areas. So how do we nurture our child’s “Triangle Genius”?

Here are 5 simple steps you can take now…

  1. Understand that childhood is not a race…

This one seems obvious but it’s harder to put into practice….We want everyone to know how amazing our kids are, we want everyone to think we’re excellent parents (a bit vain… but human nonetheless) and we feel pressure for our kids to reach those inane milestones… I’m talking right from birth, it’s craziness!! A bit of a guide is fine but allowing kids to get there at their own pace is imperative.

Pushing them to be the best at everything just might impair their ability to shine at that thing/s they’re really wonderful at, it may not even allow them the time, creativity or freedom to find what they’re great at, let alone flourish in this area.

In her blog for KLA schools, Raquel Roa discusses the importance of providing children with the tools for life and allowing them space to work things out in their own time when they’re ready.

“Because children grow up, we think a child’s purpose is to grow up. But a child’s purpose is to be a child” – Tom Stoppard

Let them be little.. let them play! 

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  1. Allow kids the freedom to decide their own concepts regarding success and achievement and to choose their own pursuits

In his blog: ‘7 Ways to Awaken Your Child’s Natural Genius’Thomas Armstrong discusses the simple, yet super effective strategy of simply allowing kids to choose their own creative pursuits. This often looks like, providing a wide range of activities and resources that children can naturally explore – instruments, science experiments,  sports equipment, books, gardening tools, bug catching equipment, paint …  or a myriad of free resources you can also offer, in hopes that they find their natural affinity with one of these activities.

Let them decide what success looks like for them because it may look and feel very different than your own experiences. It sometimes feels like we have to show our kids what success “looks” like, but the science shows us that actually, taking a back seat and allowing kids to determine their own success and achievement criteria is far more beneficial for their development. In a recent article in Time Magazine, Maria Thomas outlined the importance of fostering a love of learning and how a crucial element here is allowing kids the freedom to lead the way.

Does your little genius have a natural affinity with or love for writing and sharing stories?

Why not try  junior writers club?

Each virtual session gives young writers a chance to ask questions of a published author, have a crazy writing prompt to work on, and a chance to share their writing, as well as the opportunity to connect with other young writers.

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  1. PLAY

This is one that we know is important but I think sometimes we forgot just how important… or the actual benefits of play. Unplanned, un-choreographed, open-ended free play is one of the single most significant factors when it comes to nurturing your child’s inner genius. This kind of play, while seemingly simple to the untrained eye – is extremely complex. Children are exploring their worlds, what they like and don’t like, what they’re good at and what they need to practice, problem-solving skills, communication skills, maths, physical abilities, literacy, social skills, vocabulary, emotional regulation and so so much more!

Meredith Sinclair captures this perfectly in her article  – GENIUS OF PLAY… ENCOURAGING CREATIVITY THROUGH PLAY.

She discusses the concepts of invention, expression, creation, and vision that children explore through play. “Creative activities naturally bring out a child’s unique view of the world and their place within it.” It’s in these organic experiences that we’re truly allowing our children to shine in their own amazingly unique ways.

Triangle Genius hosts an array of spectacular businesses that help to encourage and honor the importance of play. 

Page to Play  offers a curated selection of popular children’s books with costumes and props to fuel their creativity and inspire a lifelong love of literature.

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  1. Celebrate their mistakes

This one is particularly tricky, we all hate making them and it can spark anxiety and frustration in almost anyone, so we understand that children are no different – they don’t want to “fail”, they want to strive for perfection and just hate getting things wrong – like all of us! However, if we can help our kids reframe their perception in regard to making mistakes, this will go a long way to helping them learn and allowing their inner genius to flourish. We need kids to value the process of learning, over the “right” outcome – we need them to become increasingly comfortable accepting their gaps in knowledge or skill, and viewing their mistakes as an opportunity for growth.

As parents we often want to “save” our kids from their mistakes, we don’t want them to feel those yucky feeling we know all too well, however when we’re constantly diving in to save the day, we’re taking away essential opportunities for our kids. Kirsten Tulsian discusses this in her blog ‘The Truth About Making Mistakes: Helping Students Discover the Benefits’https://kirstenskaboodle.com/the-benefits-of-making-mistakes/ .

She talks about all of the important benefits of making mistakes but also makes a really beautiful point that becoming acquainted with mistake making “takes the pressure off” – meaning it allows children the chance to really refine the skill they’re working on, which allows space for them to be working on their inner genius – what ever this may be.

…Imagine knowing and understanding your child’s strengths, weaknesses, needs and fears.

And then how to adjust your parenting to give them the best possible start in life.

Imagine working with a practical parenting plan to raise your cubs and joeys into content, mature and responsible adults
all while keeping your marbles in the process.

Riki from Tame Your Zoo can help you do just this!! Check them out! 

5.     Tap into their calm…

As a teacher, particularly within my experience as a special needs educator, I have learned that children surprise us with their brilliance when we allow them the space for calm, for simple, and for stillness. We don’t need to push them to achieve, most kids already want this, they just don’t know how to go about it. Exploring tools for finding their peace and maintaining this peace in stressful situations is a prominent key for allowing their inner genius to thrive.

As a mum of a child, who is academically quite gifted, although whose brain works very differently and focus/attention are very difficult tasks, I am acutely aware of the impact of finding that calm. When we work on meditation, deep breathing and other calming strategies such as nature walks, we see a monumental improvement in her ability to regain focus and work towards her genius.

Once we help our kids find this calm, we open the door to more successful mind-sets, the ability for setting goals and achieving them and also to greater motivation. Denise Kinsley talks about unleashing the genius parts of the brain in her conversation regarding the billionaire CEO of Tesla Motors, SpaceX, SolarCity, and Neuralink – she suggests setting aside at least 1 hour every day to work on that thing that you’re best at, your genius!

This might not happen so routinely with kids, but of course, the more time they get to practice their skill or passion, the more successful they will be in the area and luckily we’re talking here about something that they LOVE, something that makes them shine with joy, so getting them to spend some time everyday working on it won’t be a battle, it will be something their choosing to spend their time on and with some calming tools in their tool-belt, they’re well on their way to honing their genius.

At Emotionology they are passionate about creating tools to support children’s emotional growth to create overall wellness, happiness, immunity and quality of life.  They believe that all children should be given the opportunity and safe space to communicate, share and accept their emotions.  

Created from the cornerstone of the Holistic Counselling principals, Emotionology also draws on evidence based research in the creation of their emotion support tools.

I absolutely LOVE the way that Thomas Armstrong defines “genius” when talking about kids in his article – 7 ways to awaken your child’s natural genius, “I’m using the word ”genius” in its original meaning which relates to ”giving birth” (e.g. genesis) and ”bringing pleasure” (e.g. genial)”.  Using this meaning, being a genius means “giving birth to joy” and beautifully articulates how each individual child has a natural affinity for learning and has their own unique strengths and talents that allow them to simply radiate joy.

Flourish Aus. offers beautifully designed educational products for  to help encourage connection, self love & emotional intelligence.

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